How many sessions will I need?


This all depends on your specific requirements and the progress you make. Should you require more sessions, I offer discounts for block bookings which can be discussed prior to our first session. With Energy Field Healing, 28 days must be left in between treatments.

Will the treatment be effective as I have suffered for years?


Soulcrum can offer no guarantees or promises around the outcome of the treatment. What I can guarantee you is that you will be working with someone who is honest and empathic towards your issues. Having suffered with major panic attacks for many many years, I realize how important it is to trust someone. The fact you have found my web-site means you are showing commitment to resolving your issues.

£60 an hour is a lot for me as I am on a low income?


I do understand your position, having been in the same boat myself when seeing therapists. What I will say is the amount of money I have set per hour is not just reflective of the value I put on myself but also reflects the commitment you are giving to clearing your issues.  Taking into account that low income may be prohibiting you from seeing me, I do offer concessions so please ask. The most important thing to remind yourself is that you are here to resolve your issues and the money spent is an investment in your long term well-being.







What do I need to do in a session?


All I ask of you is that you are honest, open and willing to change. Being comfortable and relaxed is preferable but I understand that being comfortable and relaxed is something you may not be used to. Rest assured when working with me you will be able to relax. Most of the time is spent on a couch although with energy field healing some of the time you will be standing.



  • Advanced Energy Field Healing - Sue Zange Inspirit 2016

  • Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing - Sue Zange Inspirit 2015

  • Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma - Holistic Healing College 2014 (accredited by CMA)

  • Hypnotherapy Certificate - London College of Hypnotherapy 2014

  • EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Level 2 - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy - Karl Dawson (accredited by AAMET) - 2014

  • Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner - Mayella Reynolds/Lisa Halliday - 2013

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 - Synthesis of Light - 2000



When are you available?


I am available Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm but I do ask for all appointments to be booked at least a week in advance. I am also available on Saturday between 10am and 5pm. Home visits can be arranged for an additional £10 charge.