I would like to share my recent experience of Theta Healing with David Strom.I am also an energy healing practitioner, trained in some of the same techniques as David, but I am not trained to practice Theta. On the day we had agreed that David would work with me, I felt quite strong resistance to doing the work – this is a very common experience for people as they come to the point of transforming old beliefs and patterns in their lives that have been held for a long time, and is something that I still experience, even after many years of shifting my old stuff. David reassured me that this was an indication that these particular blocks were ready to be released and we began to discuss the specifics of my current issues, which were around vulnerability in intimate relationships and financial concerns.David listened intently as I attempted to explain my thoughts, feelings and experiences and skillfully questioned me until we arrived at the specifics of the matters at hand.  David then used muscle testing to ascertain exactly where the blocks were located in my energy field and applied the Theta method to transform them. The immediate effects of the healing were that I felt a bit light headed and spaced out, and also much calmer than I had when I had arrived.

Much to my surprise, within a few days of receiving Theta healing, I experienced tangible results that my old beliefs had indeed been transformed.  Regarding a particular relationship, I allowed myself to be vulnerable without fear, something which I had been completely unable to do before.  On the financial front, an opportunity that will increase my income significantly arrived ‘out of the blue’ with no effort on my part at all.In my experience, relationship and financial issues are key concerns for many people, and I am delighted to say that thanks to Theta, I feel much more empowered in these areas of my life now. My experience of working with David has been truly transformational and I would highly recommend David’s services to anyone who is seeking an empathic practitioner of this highly effective healing modality. Lisa H Aug 2014


I recently had a Matrix reimprinting session with David.  I was going through a particularly stressful week and feeling quite jittery. His calm and soothing manner put me at ease straight away. Having done EFT before and also learned EFT myself, it was interesting to see how this particular therapy goes to the core of an issue and helps rewrites the experience. Quite interesting! David is very capable as a practitioner and has a lovely energy about him. I am sure i'll be in touch with him as other things crop up for me but will be recommending him to friends. S Shah Jan 2016


Good Morning David, I wanted to thank you for the session on Monday. It was a different experience for me but since it I can definitely feel the benefits such as more awareness of stress triggers & trying to manage my responses/reaction. As a result i feel calmer which is fantastic. I shall back out to Lewes to see you both as soon as I can. Thank you so much. F Milligan Aug 2016

Hi David, thank you again for this morning. I have done some research and found two meditations. The Raphael (Angelofhealing who is with me always) I played on a low volume whilst listening to the dolphin meditation at a louder level through headphones.

i have had the most profound and very emotional release- lots of tears and truly believe that entity has left me. Jesus came and took him and he has passed - it was an incredible moment. I am eternally blessed for your clearance which allowed him a way out. You are an incredible healer - I am blessed to have met you. It was an honour to be healed by you. Many thanks always - happy reading! Take care, Y Tyler Oct 2016