Through the use of either Energy Field Healing, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy or a combination of these modalities, we will work together to identify the root cause of the issues you are facing today. By confronting and clearing the energy blockages and limiting beliefs, we can prevent these issues re-occuring in the future. Below is a brief description of each modality.



Hypnotherapy is a completely natural, healing process where by entering a deep level of relaxation (known as "trance"), we are able to side-step the conscious mind and access the sub-conscious mind. Positive suggestions can be made at this level to faciliate change and transformation.


Energy Field Healing

This powerful technique works with the 12 layers of the energy field or aura to clear trauma, pain, blockages and other non-serving energies. A clear energy field creates an environment to allow self healing and allow the higher energy vibrations to enter a person's field. Soulcrum will work off body in a safe, non-invasive way to restore balance, energy and well-being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.



EFT/Matrix Reimprinting

It is said that all illness is due to disturbances in the body's energy system. Based on Applied Kinesiology and Thought Field Therapy. By stimulating the body’s well established energy meridian points by tapping on them with ones fingertips, mental, emotional and physical issues successfully clear away emotional debris in the form of blocks in the energy meridians. Energy can flow freely around the body and illness resolved.


Matrix Reimprinting involves going back to the root cause or root cause memory and interacting with an echo of your younger self. By releasing the negative feeling or trauma around the past event, the memory of that event will change, leading to postive changes in your health and well-being today.



All sessions are £60 per hour and usually last around an hour. Initial sessions can be over an hour but will remain at £60. Sessions can be done at my home, by phone or SKYPE. Before the session there will be a free introductory 15 minutes chat to enable me to know more about you and how best I can assist you.


All sessions must be paid for in advance via direct bank transfer or Paypal. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged the full amount.