Soulcrum is an alias for my real name, David Strom. Why have an alias? I don't want you to get hung up on who I am as that is not the most important thing here. What is of greater importance is you and how I can assist.

Rest assured, you are being looked after by a person who is well qualified (details on my FAQ page) in dealing with the issues you are experiencing, not just through courses and certificates but through personal experience. Just as I did, by looking in the mirror and acknowledging there are issues, you have taken the most important step. By looking in the mirror, you can start to see who you really are.


So more on my own personal experiences.  I for one have had an excellent grounding in allowing fear to appear in my life. From the age of 20 outbreaks of Eczema on my face and neck manifested later into major panic attacks which prevented me doing the simplest of day to day tasks such as travelling on a train or visiting a supermarket. The panic attacks would go on for many years after until I sought help through a spiritual healer. Major cause of illnesses works around belief programmes and I would say at the time I was suffering the panic attacks, the belief programmes were “I am nothing” or “I am worthless”. Through visiting the spiritual healer I was able to use positive affirmations which enabled me to learn to love myself again. This would involve standing in front of the mirror and saying “I love you David Strom” 9 times and I still to this to this day.


However through the harshest times I met a special soul, Cristina who also suffered from eczema. Cristina gave me a book to read "Abduction to the 9th Planet" by Michael Desmarquet which set me off on my spiritual path.


If I have to describe myself, I am a Spiritual Truth Seeker who has come to realise that being of service to others is what brings me most joy and strengthens my connection to my soul. I have a keen interest in Lucid Dreaming and helping people in finding their soul purpose.


"Fear is just an illusion, it does not have to be a choice" - Soulcrum June 2014




Mission Statement/Disclaimer


To work with complete honesty, intergrity and empathy through connection to the divine.

​There are many physical, mental and emotional benefits to be had by attending sessions with Soulcrum. However Soulcrum can not promise or guarantee any kind of result. Soulcrum is not qualified to diagnose illness or practice medicine and will recommend referral to a qualified health practitioner where needed.